Family owned and operated since 1942

It’s not just that long-standing expertise that keeps the company growing and changing, it’s a culmination of a number of factors. Amy notes that the combination of “knowledgeable staff with years of experience, great quality footwear and a comfortable, family environment”, has allowed The Boot Shop to get to where it is today — where exactly is that? Well, in addition to the Downtown James Street location, there are two other stores: one in the Grantham Plaza that serves as a clearance store, and one in The Pen Centre, which is their busiest location.


The Downtown store was once located on St. Paul Street, but made the move to James Street several years ago. Amy says that the move to 46 James Street has opened up “a whole new world”. The move saw the combination of three stores into one, with the James Street location now selling athletic, specially fitted and high fashion shoes all in one location. Every single pair of shoes you see displayed at The Boot Shop is handpicked by a member of the Morrison family, and thus they stand behind all their products. Right now is the perfect time to go check out all our new arrivals, which are on display, and are just waiting to be worn. 

This is the kind of store where you shop once and are remembered from then on. That’s the great thing about downtown shopping; you get unparalleled customer service. When a business is family run, the passion for it and knowledge of the products is evident to all customers who walk through the door. As Amy puts it, “as customers, we crave customer service.”


The Boot Shop is one of the only places you’ll find that still measures your feet when you go shoe shopping and is one of the only shoe stores in the area that has served several generations of customers. Customers who frequented the store in 1942 have sent their kids and then their grandkids there as well. The customer base has grown up right alongside the Morrison family.


Shoe styles may change by the season, but one thing that won’t change at The Boot Shop, not now, and not anytime in the future; is the way they treat their customers. Amy says that “customer service is our business. When you come to The Boot Shop, we want you to feel not only that you are buying great quality shoes, but that you are getting the kind of service that everyone deserves.”



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